Montessori Care Universe International Preschools


Here at MCU – we lead with a vision to provide best of services to our little kids – which are to make them independent , physically and mentally strong, spiritually sound. And for that our core management and teachers team work round the clock. We believe education has power to change the world – and our little kids are citizen of tomorrow. So we nourish them with care and practical approach so they can contribute well to society and nation. Its always hard to teach the little kids – since they are very active and curious about exploring new things. Our teacher also works with same vision as management to make every kid inside – out strong and active.

Who We Are

We are team of people who are enthusiastic to provide best education to kids and mother itself who has been to the tough journey of motherhood – so one has practical knowledge of upbringing of kid and managing there emotions and understanding there requirements. So Mrs. Zankhana – who is working women of today turned into entrepreneur, with experience of motherhood. The rest core team is with ground level expertise of childhood care and education.


We follow these fundamentals across different courses to get best result out of our kids.

Values development – as mentioned in our vision – we believe values lead the human lives and give moral support to kids to face the world. So we make sure they learn all basic Indian values and culture

Logic and language understanding – its very important to have fundamentals clear in mind. And its very easy to make them grasp in early childhood. Much research has shown that they become as we nurture them and across the schooling system – logic’s and languages are going to be main part. We make them learn it with practical and scientific approach.

Social & Emotional development – Today is a world of speeches and expressions- and that’s why –  social values like respect , speaking in  public, managing different cultural barriers are taught in our school by respecting all humans and religions.  Emotionally sound kids can cope up with many challenges of today’s world – like changing dad’s job lead kid to have different feelings of place , people and food .  mentoring them from early make them confident

Creative expressions– these is the time when kids enjoy the most –  they love to play with water, summer dances and other activities which are taught with colors , mud m water and clothing stuffs  explore their creative aspect . Which make them learn the subject with fun and team bonding!

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Online Learning

The sheer diversity of nationalities in MCUSCHOOL provides with a unique opportunity to interact with everyone from palm of their hand.

Multimedia Learning

Children are exposed to Information and Communication Technology from an early age. These ICT facilities enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.

Activity Rooms

The concept of the activity room is about 'Learning', through play, in a totally different environment. All games are conducted as a part of the planned educational programme.

Music And Art Room

Music and Art is an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped music and art rooms where students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child

Fable daycare, preschool, and kindergarten